This is a residential architects blog of Rex Nichols Architects one of the top Florida architects listed by Ocean Magazine since 2015.

Rex Nichols Architects is prominently recognized among the best architects in Florida for architectural design. A search for Miami Residential Architects, best architects in Miami, Fort Lauderdale Residential Architects, and Boca Raton Architects will lead you to the RNA website which exhibits the innovative contemporary projects for which they are acclaimed. Rex Nichols Architects specializes in architecture design for home and provides modern house plans. The firm has been awarded four years in a row by Ocean Home Magazine to be in the top fifty coastal architects in the country. In addition to cutting edge creative design the architectural design company produces sustainable designs creating in essence a design green house and the residential architect includes solar architecture in their architectural services. Having started the firm in Miami RNA quickly became recognized among the best architecture companies in Miami. In addition to being the best architects in Miami, in the following years the Florida residential architects expanded into the state of Maine as well as other South Florida communities and are recognized as Maine architects as well as being known as a Palm Beach Architect. RNA has also created residential architectural plans as well in the Bahamas.

Recently RNA was selected by Emaar Properties in Dubai to participate in a design competition based on what they considered to be the contemporary Miami Beach architectural style, and the firm was one of the final three architect design firm in the world invited to complete the completion.

Rex Nichols Architects has been awarded numerous times by the American Institute of Architects, The American Society of Interior Designers, The builders Association of South Florida, as well as other industry organizations. The style of architecture has ranged from Classical to Modern. Currently the firm has evolved into a progressive contemporary style and a building architecture which is distinctly different from the “form follows function” theories of the modernist architects. This style of house architecture used to create residential architectural home plans has elevated the firm high on the Miami architects list as well as on the list of Fort Lauderdale architect. Potential clients researching architecture design for home will be mesmerized with the innovative designs created by the firm. Those interested in modern design Florida and residential architect and who are in need of architectural house plans for south Florida architecture and are hoping to find an architect who can reach their dreams and aspirations will enjoy working with Rex Nichols Architects to complete their home architecture.